Design Development

design development (dragged)Principles of design were analysed using similar precedents so I could also use these qualities and design decisions in my interior for Dulwich Hill

design development (dragged) 1

This concept board shows precedent images of interior spaces and decoration ideas.

design development (dragged) 2

Samples & more samples! I love to research and receive sample from suppliers so that I can touch and feel what I will be specifying for the client. It’s also a great way to show the client how the colours will all tie into the project also.

design development (dragged) 3

The sketches of the plans were looking at cross ventilation and locating key areas that I needed to keep open so as to no impend this. I then began locating where I wanted to locate furniture and how it will fit and be arranged in the spaces. By doing this it helped the client and I better understand the spatial qualities of the dwelling that existed already, and what we wanted to create within.

design development (dragged) 4

3D hand sketches were then developed looking at what furniture will be located in these specific spaces I want to create. Precedents were also looked at to see how they represented their sketch ideas.

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