Social Influences

It was interesting to to research the history of Dulwich Hill as it allowed me to further understand the site and area. Design decisions were impacted on the knowledge of the history of the site, including an industrial style from the strong factory presence. The aboriginal history of the area will also inform a portion of the interior decorating.

Research work in the first design stage for the Dulwich HIll project

EPSON013 2

EPSON014 2

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The design research from my sketch book looks at the design factors of the Dulwich Hill project so as to create the brief for the client. The site analysis and existing conditions were first established from images and plans from the project. Functional requirements were also established through the brief given and client’s list of requirements. The scope of works was then identified by establishing what furniture, fixtures and fittings were needed.

Art Deco

The Art Deco movement was from the 1920’s to 1940’s and first appeared in France. The Machine Age is seen incorporated into the imagery, alongside geometric shapes, ornamentation and the craft movement, moving away from organic motifs. The colours were of neutral shades and pastels, with gold and silver alongside metallic tones.




Art Deco - 6480fantile_Inspiration-Large

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